As Seen Online

My poem "Aimless" was featured as part of the Uncertain Times exhibit at the La Quinta Museum, where several pieces of poetry and art inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic were showcased in the Coachella Valley. 

I was featured in the Coachella Valley Independent as part of the "Know Your Neighbors" column, explaining some of my upbringing and motivations for my writing career.

I was awarded by the California Desert Arts Council and the La Quinta Arts Foundation for my spoken word poem, “The Birds,” for the Keep Art Alive Initiative to support artistic expression during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was interviewed by San Diego Voyager Magazine about my career in journalism. 

"Wonders That We See: A Poetry Collection details the life and times, trials and tribulations, and personal discoveries of a young girl during her formative teenage years. Each poem is crafted with a profound sense of awareness and romantic vocabulary in its verses. Themes of isolation, self-realization, and inspiration are present in the poetry, making it an ideal collection for those looking to recover a piece of themselves they did not know was missing."